Problems on two different accounts using Iphone and computer.

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29 May, 2017, 1:07 AM UTC

I tried several times to connect my account thru facebook and e-mail but apparently no success. My husband try to play another account which is level 5 thru he's IPhone. The game is asking him to link the game or restore the account to facebook account. I noticed on my profile on my level 52 has change to level 5 which is his level . We both use the computer and the IPhone to play both different accounts by different e-mails. He hasn't link to his e=mail due to possible problems on both accounts cause is trying to link his account to my e-mail account. I do not want to loose my account which is level 52. Please let me know if my account will be affected. He has two emails on google and Hotmail.and I do have on Hotmail. When I started the game the computer was set on his facebook and e-mail but I want to connect it to my e-mail. Please correct the issues. My name is Loida Torres Ruiz [email protected]  I'm a member since May 11 , 2017. I did download the game trhu my IPhone but I can't find a way to sign in on my current account on my IPhone.

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29 May, 2017, 8:27 AM UTC

You need to write to support, Loida. Here:

They might help

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