Suggestion to merge 2 clans with 2 StrongHold

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4 May, 2017, 7:20 PM UTC

1 - How  to merge 2 clans with 2 StrongHold , each clan have stronghold and need to merge join together and to not loose rss building or all stronghold,  can the staff of administration to make it possible ?

2 - I want to take 1 pack 2 3 4 time is not possible cozz when u take buy a pack is going i have interest in 2 3 pack only to take every days

can u make it possible ?

3 - I like to buy individual pack like u have put  energy maixum and boost time i wantt for task,  point vip , gold individual pack each items we need to upgrade we are buy give us what we need we are buy with our money 

4 - In clan store we need second artisan prophet double hero with loyalty points

5 - WE need some shield time expired 15m 30 min 1 hour when we going to attack to not spend shield 8 hours 24 hours 3 days or 7 days 

6- The tasse we pay to send resource in stronghold is very high they are our resource we win loosing much or speding much where is going this rss u take from tasse 30% and when we reduce in stronghold the knowlegde upgrading is very low the reduce why u need to take what is ours dont have any sense what u give to us u take again is not normal logic .

7- Legendary material gemms dont have much and when we attack 5 6 invaders from task we are not geting much material rare epic or legendary

8 - Low level player cant be attacked from higher level or more strong level all player with higher influense army need to attack the same force or influence like u put teh world in battle and the clans in battle from same influense

I think all player will agree with my suggestion cozz this are more important for all player in this game

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5 May, 2017, 7:15 AM UTC
Ye, why not. Let's destroy balance of the game with this "amazing" offers. And free gold for everyone. And free equipment and gems. 
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