Other troops defense systems

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30 April, 2017, 9:20 AM UTC

All the other Plarium games, where I fight, have a shelter for the troops. Those under attack can lose resources but not troops. Unlocking and building troops, here as in other games takes time and resources. After an attack, to see disappear troops of hihg level, as well as resources, are downright. We must start all over again. I do not think shield tactics are a sufficient method to safeguard troops. And in the long run, it becomes expensive, subtracting the possibility of using a resource as important as gold for other purposes. I have also noticed that gold offers have fallen considerably; I do not know if this is somehow related to the attacks received, or have diminished the frequency of bidding. Personally, I have decided not to spend more than a single dollar until there is any additional protection system for the troops. And I add, of a permanent nature and not the current shield method.

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