optimizing commercial gain for plarium is killing the game

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27 April, 2017, 8:20 PM UTC

I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks now. I got really excited about it, just like many others. Put a bit of money into it, but soon found out that there is no limit to this, which means that you basically have to buy more than your neigbours to stay in the game. Obviously this is the business plan of Plarium... It does mean however, that soon there will be a few lost souls (or maybe even criminals) with no lack of money that will spend thousands of dollars to buy their supremacy in the kingdom. They will be basically invincible and therefore no fun at all to play with/against. All proportion within the game is lost, and understanding of the game and the tactics behind it become irrelevant, unless you have fun trying to hide from the big guys and waiting to be hit again.

Sorry, but for me this means that this is no longer fun, and it leaves me with the feeling of being robbed by plarium !
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28 April, 2017, 10:23 AM UTC

You can have fun and, to a certain degree, stay competitive without giving an arm or leg.

However, even those "low pack investments from time to time" are pretty expensive when compared to other games. Ofc there is no ceiling to what you *c a n* invest if you like to, although i got to admit the whole packaging and pricing is kinda strange to me.

For your first few buys, you get an insane pricecut, then things ramp up in price like crazy, and if you decide to go with it and "buy in for the big money" the game kind of throws stones into your way by offering high priced packs with just very little usefulness. :/

Strange system :D

PS: Things went better for me immediatly after i joined a bigger clan. More rss, more help, more tactics and thus less "burned" stuff. Every piece gets used and shared. I guess, solo player have a way WAY harder time, hence the name: War of Clans.^^
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28 April, 2017, 12:09 PM UTC

Ofc you can't survive alone in the game with title War of (omg)Clans. And you can struggle against big guys with help of your clan.

Packs system created specially to stop unlimited and cheap donate. You can buy a few packs and learn how to play or u will just throw your money without a clue. It's your choice. 

You can even play in this game without buying packs but it's tough. You're the only one who chooses your style of play. So stop whining

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