Why dont have pack with task only like boost time and energy maxium

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27 April, 2017, 2:19 PM UTC

Why plarium dont put pack only task inside to have 100 200 300 500 taks of each 3 type personal clan premium vip

and why we pay so much tasse tribute sending our rss we have win and spend to win during CvC where is going this tasse 30% sending to stronghold who take this 30% tasse tribute reduce them is a lot rss u take from us they are our rss why u need to take them from us sending betqween members and in stronghold put more energy in pack and boosttime for stronghold and our citty they are so low we loose much to take so low rewards like boost time rss  gold energy we all pay buy give us more of this items in rewards reduce teh tasse time costruction cost costruction knowledge troops make a better game to stay more and play more and more this gameput some shield 10 min 15min 30 min when we attack everything is low and very spensive the taska say legendary and give simple material not legendary

i believe if u do this things change something all palyer cna stay more and play more and  have more pelasure in clan store much things are very spensive request a lot of loyalty points and in clan store dont have second artisan or second prophet or double hero put them so the player can take there with points of loyalty make the game more interest dont thing only to take money for any action we nneed to do make and give to us player more rewards in task energy boostime vip points make a pack of vip points we buy we put money but need to put money for something is interest for really to buy take and to use it to have pleasure all player

if 2 clans need to merge and to clans have each 1 stronghold make to mix the stronghold and rss they have inside to not loose no one from 2 clans tthe stronghold and the rss boostime they have spend this are a best new update 

when i like 1 pack price 19.99 9..99 4.99 i want to buy 3 5 time this pack make to buy the same pack how many time i like for u like company game is the same money when i see pack i like with point vip task energy boos time and rss inside only i need to buy the same pack 3 5 time no only 1 time in week to wait this are good thing and good change for us and u like plarium to take money is easy but to keep the player in game is very hard more player is staying play more u win cozz all player i belive buy pack so please  take this request in considerate for own all good  

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27 April, 2017, 2:29 PM UTC

- We need individual pack for each items and some changes:

-In tile of rss the attacker a enemy can spy us but we cant defense our troops in tile against spionage take off the spionage in tile of rss and give more speed yelding rss in tile 

-Give more points set skills every new level hero we take coss we need and to buy and ticket to change the set slot hero for any atcion

take off the ticket for change a set slot hero keep only memory points to unlock a new set slot hero for gear and set skills

- Put pack individual for gold example 4.99 euro  500k gold  9.99 euro  1m gold  19.99 2m gold cozz i wana spend my 100 euro in the same pack to take it 3 4 time and u take ur money we take our gold we need 

- 2 Clans cana merge with 2 stronghold without loosing the building the rss inside and the points of influence

- Vip Points individual pack

- Task (premium clan vip) individual pack

- Puit 6 8 more slot for lumber stone iron or reduce the food consume of troops or give more incoming produce

- Reduce time and cost for training costruction knowledge and in stronghold reduce the tasse is our rss why u need to take tasse from us in stronghold we pay, buy and to pay u again with rss we have win is a madness where is going the rss of tasse 30%

- Make energy hero permamently 50.000 energy later they have finish all knowledge in invaders  cozz u dont give much energy in pack we buy but when we attack we not get much materials and gems only  items like 15 gold change name hero citty is a joke for us from u make better things make us to stay play and have fun more and pleasure 

- Boost time are so low in rewards we need all boos time 15 days 7 days cozz we are not 6 level palace we are 22 23 put more boostime in rewards and for the stronghold dont have boostime 1 week or 2 weeks why 

- In clan store to put second artisan , prophet and double hero  and reduce the price with points 

- When i like 1 pack to buy i want to buy this pack 2 3 4 time the same pack instantly and to atke evry day the same pack not to wait till is comeing again later 1 2 weeks or 1 months leave the pack there so we can take again again when we need

so u take the money but give me what i like cozz i am paying with my money u dont make rewards so make for all palyer to take 1 pack how many time the want the same pack not to wait 1  2 weesk to come again the pack or 1 months make a menu of each pack depend from the price

leave the pack there so we when we need we come to buy 1 2 3 pack we like every day in this case u will win more money if the player find the same pack they like to take every day 

i think belive thsi new change sugestion all player will like to change 

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28 April, 2017, 10:26 AM UTC

All pretty logic to me, true! :)

I (mostly) feel the same to be honest.

Point is, if it was more $-efficient to do it this way, they would have done it already. ;)

It sure would be more player friendly, but thats just 2. priority i guess, if at all.
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