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25 April, 2017, 12:21 PM UTC

When starting out the game, you get the 'Novice pack' after a few upgrades. I recently got one for $20.

So i want to ask if it's best to buy this pack once it comes up, or wait for other offers from the bank.

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25 April, 2017, 9:24 PM UTC


be carefull what you buy. Special the price.

I have bought the starter package for 9,99EUR. And than only packages for 4,99EUR

An other member bought a expensiver package and he get only packages which start with 19,99 and higher now.

He ask the support and they told him that the system managed the prices.

Some offers are almost the same e.x. the same materials but one with extra 80k gold to 300k gold.

The price for the package with 80k gold 4,99 for the 300k gold 49,99.

When you buy 4 times the 4,99 package you will be much cheaper.

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26 April, 2017, 10:14 AM UTC

You may need a while untill you get familiar with this strange system :)

First of all: Everything in this game is rather expensive, compared to other games on the market, so use your stuff wisely.

1) More expensive packs do have the same stuff as the less expensive ones, but they offer more of the same stuff.

2) The exception are the packs with the "-50% off label". So get into a price range you feel comfortable in, and only - ONLY - buy these ones.

3) After a certain amount of time (1 week to 2 weeks) of not buying anything, price packages (and pack sizes aswell for that matter) will go down again.

Buy a 4.99 pack. You will be offered 9.99 packs a while after that. If you buy these, yor will be offered 19.99, then 49.99 and then 99.99. If you dont buy for 99.99, then it will go back to 49.99, then 19.99 and then 9.99 and 4.99 

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