Fight in invader's lair

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22 April, 2017, 4:19 AM UTC
When I have active peace shield and staying in invader's lair is there a chance that someone attack me and the troops are not able for healing in the infirmary ?
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25 April, 2017, 1:02 AM UTC
I wondered the same thing, so I hope someone answers...
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25 April, 2017, 6:12 AM UTC

Hey there, 

yes, that is right. Even with an active shield, you can still potentially be attacked on rescource tiles.

And yes, troops lost this way are only revivable with gold, not via healing.

So in times of war, especially in CvsC or KvsK you should babysitt your tiles if you can. IF you collect rss, at all, that is.


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Angry Witcher
25 April, 2017, 7:19 AM UTC

To minimize your troops losses, use t1 siege to farm tiles .

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25 April, 2017, 11:51 AM UTC

I agree with WITCHER. siege t1 - the best decision for farm.

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