Training Speed does it even work?

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12 April, 2017, 9:55 PM UTC
It took me 15 seconds to train any level one warrior and 38 for level two warriors. I thought this took a very long time when training lots of troops so i invested points into the heros ability "Training Speed 1" Ive got 14/15 points in there. I have the other training speeds from the knowledge tree. (Im not sure if they did anything because i got them very early.) However ever since i put the points into my heros training skill it hasnt done anything at all. It still takes 15 seconds for level one and 38 seconds for level two warriors...Am i missing something or is this a bug? i would have thought 20% faster training times ment i get my troops 20% faster but apparently not. Im confused :s does this happen to anyone else? Please help.
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