Game Suggestions, LongBoats and Viking Plunder

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12 April, 2017, 5:53 AM UTC

Hey there, just floating a couple of ideas to the game developers.

Long Boats.

So it doesn't make "real" sense for troops to march over water.

One suggestion already floated was making water an obstacle, so troops have to march around it.

My suggestion is a little easier..... when troops hit water, the marching troops icon, turns into a "longboat". No real game benefit per sei, but just a bit more fun.

Viking Plunder

This though relates to game function ........ 2 aspects of the "RSS Tile Hit"

The first part is , why does the attacker not get RSS for successfully hitting a RSS Tile?

The enemy troops are dead and the ones that aren't are heading back to town. The RSS are right there .... already collected, they just need to pick it up and leave.

The attacker should get a % of RSS already harvested relevant to the % of troops "capacity" killed. As a simple yet not math correct example, if 80% of the troops are killed, 80% of the already harvested RSS should be a reward, (In the programming, this concept needs to be adjusted for troop capacity, ie 1 Seige unit carry more than 1 merc unit, this is in the case of mixed troops on a tile.)

But this reward is called "Viking Plunder" :)

The Second part to this, is the troops returning home, yes i get they may have dropped everything and ran as fast as they could, but if 20% of the troops survived, wouldn't it be reasonable if they take 20% of the harvested RSS home with them ?

We get rewards/loot/plunder for hitting towns, and also for hitting invaders, hitting tiles makes sense.....

GIVE US "VIKING PLUNDER"  !!!!!! (Please)

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12 April, 2017, 8:18 AM UTC

It seems interesting. The animation of Viking's drakkary would be spectacular 

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12 April, 2017, 9:39 AM UTC

Yeah! Viking's drakkar with shields.

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