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26 March, 2017, 6:36 AM UTC

Hi. These suggestions may have already been raised but as a night shift worker doing 12 hr days, I don't have time to read through 1022 posts/suggestions so I apologise if these have been raised. Please excuse the "I" references as I am sure others feel the same.

1 ) Can we have the ability to MOVE our resources buildings to different areas within our towns without having to tear down/dis-assemble  and rebuild. When we start playing we don't realise how many buildings of each we will need to build, so we are all over the place when  building and upgrading. Good town planners in real life know this in advance and allow room for future buildings of the same "industry" close together.

2) Have the ability to know in advance of future buildings without having to reach a certain level. Can we at least see what we might have to build (but still have to unlock) to be able to plan ahead. I,personally,  have spent a lot of money on bonus packs which help support development of the game and should be able to know about future buildings ( as even non "bonus pack" buyers should). I have received lots of "warriors" for lack of a better term from in-game purchases and am unable to keep up food production for example. I see empty building slots in the build menu but when do we get to see what is coming up to build.I'm sure players would appreciate a little bit of for-sight.

Sorry if this sounds selfish but I think these point apply to everyone who plays.

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