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12 March, 2017, 4:14 AM UTC
The number, frequency and continual repetition of being DROPPED from the game is beyond annoying...and...causes a number of troubling issues. Take away the fact that it seldom happens at an opportune time, if it happens when your shield has little time left then what are the ramifications of the drop if it is game related (i.e. your server crashes or other outage issues) and as a result out shield drops, we are attacked and wiped out, and all before we can either get back on, or your game stabilizes. I have played many many online games over 20 years, and have experience all manner of disruption to the connection. These outages, and drops are not all the result of either my ISP, or my home system (desktop or wireless), all other games do not drop like this one does. QUESTION-When will you address the latency issue, and what recourse is available to a player when game issues cause significant loss of ingame resources (troops, influence and experience)??? 
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Smadre Mund
12 March, 2017, 5:57 AM UTC
A lot of people have been affected by this and also game crashes like this morning could not log on for hours. Many people could not get on to shield and lost everything they had. Tickets are not being answered. Also the amount of people who make purchases and are not getting the pack is climbing, I know one friend has had a ticket for 6 weeks for a pack he was not given and it still has not been resolved. Today the help buttons in the game have been deactivated. I would like to give benefit of the doubt and that all players who have lost because they could not access the game to shield and all players who have not received packs after purchasing will be reimbursed or get their pack, and also be given gold to repair because of loss due to game outage. if not then people will just quit the game.
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Smadre Mund
12 March, 2017, 6:01 AM UTC
also why is the facebook version of the game and plarium web game
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