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Plastic players versus strategy

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22 February, 2017, 9:35 PM UTC

Do plastic players think they are good strategist?

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23 February, 2017, 11:57 PM UTC

I don't think this game is for strategists..   You buy a million T5 warriors port next to someone kill, kill, kill, until they lost everything then port to next and repeat.  No-one will retaliate because they have all left the game after just starting as you can't do anything in this game if you don't spend more than the other ones. 

If they had a cool-down on teleports or gave a temporary shield after so many hits or stopped lvl 25's spam hitting lvl 6's or allowed the watchtower to watch for incoming attacks and give you notice and not just let you know 1 second before an attack then this game might keep more people playing.  And not have dead worlds after such a short period of time after the worlds were added.  This game is all about who can spend the most.

Even the best strategic player who just started this game will get trashed by plastic players unless they live in a permanent bubble and don't try to farm resources on the map.  Until a few years later when they have managed to research and build up high enough to fend off players with over 100 million influence (in a 2 week old world) who hit people with 10k influence as I saw today.

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