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22 February, 2017, 11:18 AM UTC

Fierce Jarls who are famed throughout the North! The Viking lands are calm before the grand event. Listen to the sound of battle horns: the great Clans Battle is coming!

— Your Clan’s triumph is near! It’s time to face an enemy Clan from another Kingdom in a heated battle and prove your superiority!

— A generous reward worthy of brave warriors! Crush the enemy to get a priceless advantage for Stronghold development, as well as other bonuses that will bring your Clan closer to untold greatness!

— Mind over strength! Study military Knowledge in the Clan Stronghold to master the art of battle so no one can take you down!

— More possibilities in the Vikings: War of Clans universe! Don’t waste your chance to explore every corner of this world — all thanks to general gameplay optimization and improved app stability.

Test your power in the biggest Clan confrontation! Make your brothers-in-arms proud, and the gods of Asgard will smile upon you!

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25 February, 2017, 9:12 PM UTC

Start paying attention your update is broken read the forum!

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