The Big List of Tested Bugs

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27 January, 2017, 6:12 PM UTC

The Big List of Tested Bugs

This is a list that my dedicated team of players and testers have come up with: 

I will edit the topic to notify of any bugs that are fixed: They will be "CROSSED OUT" --> Like this is crossed out.


Confirmed Game Bugs - These are bugs we know for a fact exist and have tested extensively.

1) "During" Stats on Gear: Does not display in battle report from the Lynx and Saracen gear.

2) Guardsmen Gear: does lower the amount of energy required to hit an invader, But it does not show up on the invader window, making it hard to know the actual energy you need to hit an invader. Furthermore it requires you to have the incorrect amount of energy to actually launch the hero at the invader.

3) Town Skins Sticking: When a town skin timer reaches 0, it often doesn't remove itself completely. The skin "Sticks" and says it is applied. The graphic of the town skin shows up on the map to everyone, and the player sees that town skin as "active" - but the timer is missing (as it has reached zero) and additionally the stats of the expired skin do not apply... deceiving players to think they're receiving the bonuses but they are not.

4) Daily Events & Reloading: Daily events, when they activate, do not activate without restarting the game. As this isn't told to players, most don't know it. Example: If 10% Construction Speed Bonus event starts just now, it will not work and not even show up in the events list until the game is restarted. This is a major issue, because at the reset time (which is 7pm EST time currently for me) - we all spend the next hour consistently rebooting our games waiting for the events to start, as we cannot see them unless we restart. This puts strain on the servers, having thousands of players rebooting over and over and over trying to see when the events will start, and then furthermore thousands of more rebooting players to activate those events for themselves when their clanmates tell them "the events are up!"


Confirmed Facebook-Client Bugs - These bugs pertain to the Facebook Client of the game only.

1) Battle Reports & Memory Glitch: Battle reports have major memory issues on all browsers. Testing it with several browsers, opening battle reports is a major memory drain. Very frequently, opening an extensive battle report from an onslaught, or another player's report (via the clan battles tab) will nearly always crash the game with memory errors.

2) Enemy Tiles Impossible To Attack: Currently, enemy tiles return the error that the location no longer exists.  This means no player on any facebook client can ever attack a tile, making the client extremely useless for fighting or kvk.

3) Troop Training Times Incorrect: The troop training times on troops do not correctly list the accurate training time when events are active (daily event, kvk event, personal boost, etc). 

4) Number-Max & Adjustment Glitch: This is a complex glitch. This glitch makes it so the game is unable to accurately accept input numbers or give you accurate numbers back. This causes glitches in several areas of the game:
 - - - When you attempt to train troops, you may not be able to train the max amount of troops (If your max is 2500, you have to train 2499 otherwise you may get an error).
 - - - When sending a march (lets say slayers for example), if you attempt to type "1000" for a thousand slayers, it may adjust that number to 999 or 1001, sometimes refusing to let you send the actual amount you want. 
 - - - When sending a march at max capacity (say your cap is 192,500) - Sometimes it will actually say that your cap is 192,499. This prevents you from sending the actual max capacity.

__________________________________________________________________________ Bugs - Bugs pertaining only to these forums.

1) Spacing Issues: Attempting to hold "shift" and press enter (to have the curser line down once instead of a new paragraph, causes the typing-curser to glitch and move back up a space instead of the tabbed space you selected.

2) Highlighting Issues: Holding Shift and using the arrow keys to highlight a specific word (which is fare easier and more accurate than trying to position the mouse over letters) - simply doesn't work. It will only highlight one letter at a time, requiring the use of a mouse to highlight anything to copy/paste.


Unconfirmed Bugs  These are bugs we are sure in the game but we cannot confirm for sure, and need plarium to check.

 1) KVK Score Calculations: Killing troops from any town that is from Your kingdom will still net the enemy kingdom those points during KvK. In early January Plarium has posted "We are aware of this issue and working on this situation." - We have not been told if this was fixed yet.

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25 September, 2017, 5:46 PM UTC

You forgot to mention the SyntaxError, you just cant get on the game!!!

Have been trying on and off all day since 08.30 this morning, it is driving me nuts!!!!
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