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29 May, 2018, 5:48 AM UTC

Are we breaking licence agreement laws, ( data & location ) when we share passwords for e-mail accounts, I have asked plarium on many occasions but they refuse to answer. So I ask you the public.... Me I dont share my details but I know many of you do & I know many of you dont, but if you are made an elder & are forced into sharing passwords without knowing if you are breaking laws. How would you react & what if it was causing problems in the game & we lose troops because of it , who's accountable plarium because they choose to ignore the problem or the gamer because it was a neat trick of getting ahead in the game......If you are un sure you can read the licence agreement laws, they will tell you its illegal but you may share a password with your spouse.... Good luck, & be careful, i'm off to read the privacy laws as I think sharing emails may even break privacy laws..

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4 June, 2018, 3:38 PM UTC
i would imagine its up to you and the second party involved, as for who would be responsible for troops lost if you let someone else use your account then that would be you as you gave them your log in details there is nothing that plarium should be held accountable for as it was of your causing, personally i would never pass on any of my account info to a third party never disclose passwords to anyone, sharing account info with your spouse is up to you there shouldn't be any trust issues there, as for plarium if they haven't responded to you then they obviously arnt that bothered and as they cant be held responsible for anything why should they be, you share details at your own risk,
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5 June, 2018, 1:53 AM UTC
According to the TERMS OF USE......It just states do not USE others accounts without permission.  So, with permission they can.  They used to have a single account limit in TOU.  But, they making so much money off multi-account users, they removed it.
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