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Peter HowAbout

Peter HowAbout

Jan 28, 2022, 12:4501/28/22

Peter HowAbout

The original author's spelling is retained.


The roar of Roar

An enemy corps sprang swift ashore
for t’was not a gang of veterans
they surely swore that there at our door
resistance wouldn’t be a reference

But warrior Roar had an impressive boar
It was his clans secret weapon
they made detour as they heard it roar
back to their ships I reckon

One day again they did return
It was our time to crash and burn
cause Ullr was not in our favour
for it was sick the mighty boar
that used to easily restore
the peace with our neighbour

Yet still we heard that mighty roar
as shields were dropped and troops would soar
how tides could turn we wondered
it was warrior Roar who cast this roar
as he had learned from his mighty boar
The enemy fell asunder

A legend was born for a tribute to Roar
his bravery earned him a poem
before the next morn it famously soared
al over the Plarium Forum :

There once was a viking called Roar, who knew how to roar like a boar
He had it in store when the enemy ashore was trying to open the score.

The enemy near trembled in fear and ran for it as they appeared
Big Roar and his boar saw them done for with nobody left to deplore