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Jessica Hirsch

Jessica Hirsch

Aug 27, 2021, 13:5108/27/21

Jessica Hirsch

The original author's spelling is retained.


Once upon a time in a kingdom called Lakafasf a little girl named Sif was born. She was the whole pride and joy of her father Eric, a poweful clan leader. At her 4th birthday her father introduced her to her companion Vit Lodjur ,a beautiful white lynx. Vit Lodjur never left her side from the moment they met. 

She grew up very protected and was taught the art of war by her farher. For her 12th birthday Eric gave her the powerful spear weapon Gungnir as a present. But not long after her birthday the peacful village of Himmelstal was raided by the dark troops of Jötunheim. Eric told Sif to run away into the forest with Vit Lodjur until the fight would be over. He and his clan fought a brave fight but they where tricked and ran into a trap. When Sif returned to her village she found the whole village had burned down and under the debris she found her father barely breathing. Right before his death she swore to him to grow up to become the best spear fighter of all kingdoms to revenge his death. She practiced every day with Gungnir and during the lonely nights Vit Lodjur consoled her for her loss.

The years went by and she became what she had sworn to her father. The most feared and best spear fighter of all kingdoms. With the help of Vit Lodjur and some new found friends that shared her fate she went to Jötunheim to fight the dark troops and in a glorious battle she revenged her father.

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Sweet 😍