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Matteo Tonini

Matteo Tonini

Aug 27, 2021, 13:4808/27/21

Matteo Tonini

The original author's spelling is retained.


The story of a hero

"Open your eyes!". I hear a voice coming from within me, but it's not possible! He fell in battle, to cover our retreat."Get up!" The same voice again. The earth is cold beneath me and the smell of blood and burning flesh makes me sick. We should never have come here. "Escape the forest of rocks!". This was our mission: to reach Utgard! Madness! Even the gods fear to face the fury of the giants. Something cold and sharp touches my body. I open my eyes.

Before me is the most unnatural of creatures: a huge, harnessed boar with two pairs of horns and two long, sharp fangs that could easily have ripped through what was left of my armor. Deep in the eyes that animal, the fire of battle burns. Gullinbursti, the boar forged by the dwarves for Freyr. I thought of this as I of observed the creature. Could it be the will of the gods?!A strange feeling pervades me. I reach out for a weapon, but I find a battle horn...his battle horn. Angantyr and I are more than friends, we are like brothers. We both came from nothing, we belonge to it itself, but in that nothing we didn't want to die. No! We wanted to join the ranks of Berserkir, to one day become einherjar and wait for Ragnarock in the einherjar and wait for Ragnarock in the halls of Valhalla, but the mission was more difficult than expected and now, all I have left of Angantyr, I hold it in my hands.

The immense creature looks at me impassively, without moving a muscle. Painfully I try to get up. "It's here to help you!" Resounds in my head. I take a step towards the animal, but a figure appears in front of me. She moves like a moonless night and, with her Celtic dagger, she can slit your throat while you sleep. "You will not go back to the Jarl you serve! Look for the Handed!"she whispers.

The night swallows Wendla and leaves me there, disoriented. The creature lets itself approach and hands me its back, I am tired and wounded, I let the huge boar take me out of those cursed lands .Angantyr! My brother! Now you are in Odin's halls drinking in horns overflowing with mead. Years have passed since that day, I have wandered from kingdom to kingdom, I have offered my services to many Jarls, I have become famous for my deeds, but always with Wendla's mysterious words in my head. "My hair and beard are turning gray..." I think, as my drakkar lands in the kingdom of Arjenstaden. My landing still causes awe, because of Gullinbursti!

This is the name I gave to the creature that saved me from Jotunheim and that has been my faithful companion ever since, along with the battle horn of Angantyr. Andthat has been my faithful companion ever since, along with the battle horn of Angantyr. And this is where I found the Handed. Now I go into battle for the honor and glory of the Jarl from whom the gods led me. My name is Galarr and this is the story of how I became a hero. The lord I serve?! His name is Týr.