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Mandi Parsons

Mandi Parsons

Aug 27, 2021, 13:3308/27/21

Mandi Parsons

The original author's spelling is retained.


This is one of the many stories of the Protectress:

She will always be my chosen hero. Her story will not be like any other here, but it will have truth, heartache, loss, but most of all pride. It starts here when she held her own flock in her arms after losing their father to a war of treachery and malice upon the battlefield. She tried so hard to protect the little ones, to help them become strong, brave and most of all have free will. You see her story is based on real life, real feelings, deceit and disloyalties. Where money can be evil and be used as a weapon to manipulate people. when her flock's father decided to leave their colony to join another clan, he tore apart the very foundation of their flock right from underneath them which then split the clan and their loyalties with false promises
of being the strongest, the wealthiest and the most protected. being the female species of the colony she was made to feel weak. The emptiness alone almost made her want to perish effortlessly to the first beast who attacked her, not wanting to even fight back, it felt like a curse. She was at her lowest point of giving up her fight to get her flock back.
But, she had to do something, she had to fight back, teach herself, teach and support others, learn things she had never learnt before. push through the pain of heartbreak, but she also had to protect all the people left behind, she owed them that much as their loyalty meant everything, it was one of the reasons to not give up. She was not prepared.

Over many years she grew from nothing to a chief who showed free will, learnt how to lead, taught right from wrong, how to fight, stay loyal to their cause, protected young and old, but most of all held her head up high with pride. No matter what was thrown at her, nothing would be aspainful as having her flock torn from her at such a tender age. She needed to lead by example. She became strong, an ambassador to others, they began to fight together, learn together and protected each other during battles and they all knew the meaning of loyalty. Not one person makes a clan, everyone does, and they were as strong as their weakest member.

After many gruelling years of feeling alone without her young flock, fighting the fight, her patience prevailed and her flock came back to her, realizing that they had free will all along, one by one they all came back. No apologies needed. Just the warm embrace of a mother looking down at her flock with so much pride. Now that is something money cannot buy, this is how she became The Protectress.


The moral of this story is, people will come and go from one clan to another but we all have those people who will always be loyal no matter what and no matter the temptation. They are what we call an extended family in our clan. There is much more to this story but here is just a small taste of it.