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Marwuin Tortosa

Marwuin Tortosa

Aug 27, 2021, 13:2208/27/21

Marwuin Tortosa

The original author's spelling is retained.


Aren blóðøx: , nicknamed (assassin of Veðrfölnir) is a famous Viking warrior, he has a son named Asbjörn (nicknamed the great bear) and a daughter named Engla (nicknamed the angel of death). Aren is always accompanied to all his battles by the eagle and his companion whom he calls Sigrid, some say that he can get into the mind of the animal and thus communicate with other species.

During the last winter a great battle was unleashed during which Asbjörn with the help of Sigrid managed to save Aren's life at the last moment, which made his bond become more brotherly. Some have come to speculate that Aren appreciates his eagle (Sigrid) more than his own children and that he has been seen performing sacrifices in his honor and others have even affirmed that he is even a descendant of a famous Völvas, who according to He says he inherited some of his magical power from Aren and that he uses that magic to take over the minds of other people. Using a kind of mind transfer spell; in order to know his battle strategies and intentions. None of this has been corroborated; although on multiple occasions Aren has been seen using the (Blood Eagle). Some claim that he did it as a sacrifice for Sigrid; although there was no proof of it. It could be that he did it just for the fun of torturing his enemies. The truth is that Sigrid and Aren have been inseparable since last winter, it has even been said that Aren's life is linked to Sigrid's life by a blood pact and to further increase these rumors he does not allow anyone to enter his shop, only his children and Sigrid have that privilege and only they can know the mysteries that this great warrior and leader of the Viking people hides.