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José Juan Aliaga

José Juan Aliaga

Aug 27, 2021, 13:1008/27/21

José Juan Aliaga

The original author's spelling is retained.


As the Eddas tell, one day, Aegir, king of the Jotun, wanted to make some mead for a feast. However, as he did not have a cauldron big enough to quench the thirst of all the Aesir, he asked Thor to bring him one.

While Thor was away on his quest, Loki, the master of disguise, took the chance to impersonate him and seduce his wife, Sif. It is at this point that our hero's story begins, as Sif ended up being with child. This child was Sifki, whom Sif abandoned in Jotunheim to hide her from Thor, realizing that Sifki had the likeness of Loki and fearing Thor's anger. When Loki got wind of how his daughter had been left, he returned to cut Sif's braids.

Days later, after Hymir lent him a cauldron, Thor came back. Seeing that his wife's braids were gone, he asked her about them. Sif was unable to keep the truth from him, and Thor swore that he would end the life of Sifki. As conflicted Sif was, and loving Sifki, she told Loki about Thor's words. Loki, in response, sent his own son, the wolf Fenrir, to protect Sifki, who wound up being brought up with Fenrir's own spawn: Sköl and Hati.