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Илиян Георгиев

Илиян Георгиев

Aug 27, 2021, 12:5308/27/21

Илиян Георгиев

The original author's spelling is retained.


Brika was the fifth child in Thor and Sif's marriage. When Brika cried for the first time, only her mother Sif and the domestic white wolf Akela were happy. In a family of 4 boys, Brika's born was like a curse. Everyone hoped that another boy would be born, another great warrior, a worthy heir to the great Thor.

From day one, Brika's brothers tried to kill her. When their mother was not watching and their father was wandering around their lands, they gave her spoiled food, left the door of the house open, hoping that Brika would get sick from the cold winter weather. They even went so far as to put a snake in her crib. Sir wondered and did not understand how all these events were happening.

One frosty evening, in another attempt by one of Brika's brothers to put her in the fireplace, the wolf Akela removed Brika from the fire, placed her gently on her back, and left the house. Akela knew that if she didn't take Brika out of her house, she would hardly live to see her next birthday. Akela took Brika very far from her home, they traveled for days, hiding from human eyes. They wandered through the forest until for weeks, until one day Akela found an abandoned house that became a new home for them.

From that moment on, Akela began raising Brika as her own child. Teach her to be dexterous, to see in the dark, to be silent as the death and fast as the wind. On the day once Brika turned 16, something unusual happened. One of the Valkyries, Skuld, visited Brika and Akela, to give them a very special gift, a spear forged in Odin's armory, and said, "Brika, as of today, this is your most faithful companion in your life. This spear is not an ordinary one, it is crafted with the love of all the Valkyries and the spell of the ancient Oracle, take it and leave this house with Akela, because one of your brothers has followed in your footsteps, in an attempt to kill you. Go to west and after 3 days you will find a small ship on the shore, I have left in it everything you need to sail in search of a new land for you and Akela. Be careful, do not trust anyone and know that all the Valkyries will watch after you. I also give you the strongest intuition of all the Vikings. From today, you will know everyone's intentions before they even say a word. Be blessed and hurry, because time is running out."

Before Brika could say a single word, Skuld was gone. Brika took her spear, hugged Akela tightly and together they left their home in searching of a new land, where they can build a new and fairer world.