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András Szegedy

András Szegedy

Aug 27, 2021, 12:4908/27/21

András Szegedy

The original author's spelling is retained.


Reila was born in a fortress, constantly battling with raiding armies. Her father, Rolaf was a proud captain of the town guards and her arrival blessed the family which missed crying of a child for so long.

She was brought everywhere in the town by Rolaf, from soldiers' barracks to strategists' meetings, therefore she played with swords and dreamed with battles every night. She also proved to have an affinity to maths... aiming, calculating the wind and distance, all these seems to be in her veins. But the practice on training grounds left its marks on her muscular body: some scars, a few bruises were always tried to be hidden from his dad. No kids to play with, but it didn't bothered her too much, shared his time with Rust and Decay, two huge hounds received for her 12th birthday from fellow-officers of Rolaf. She trained them to follow her whistle-orders, also protecting her back in the midst of a battle.

When time has come and she was prepared to begin her journey, she was already famous for her skills with all siege weapons and amazed the entire town by the prospects how great hero she can be when return to them. Reila smiled back to his father and stepped through the gates followed by Rust and Decay, headed west to the nearest port searching for adventures...