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Everything about syncing your game accounts

Everything about syncing your game accounts

Jarls, you often ask us questions about syncing your game account, that's why we've prepared a little guide for you. 

Synchronization helps you save your game progress and restore it if needed. 

You can link an account created on a mobile device in the following way: 

1. Open the Menu and select "Account". 

2. Hit the "Link current account" button. 

3. Select a service (Facebook, Game Center for iOS, or Google Play for Android) and hit "Link". 

Please note: if you create an account in the Facebook version of the game, your account is automatically linked to your Facebook profile. 

Consider syncing your account with several services at once. This will help you minimize the possibility of losing your game data. 

You should also write down your game ID somewhere (you can find it in the "About the game" section of the Menu). You'll be able to use it to restore your lost account. 

If you want to play from two accounts, here are a few tips: 

1. Your accounts should be synced with different services or different profiles of the same service (Facebook/Game Center/Google Play). 

2. To switch between accounts, use the account restoration function. To do it, open the Account section of the Menu, hit the "Restore saved account" button, and select the service to which the desired game progress is linked. 

It may happen that you've already got one account linked to a certain service, but you'd like to link another one to it without losing your game data. For instance, you can change the account synced with your Facebook profile in the following way: 

1. First, make sure both of your accounts are linked to different Facebook/Game Center/Google Play profiles. This is necessary for switching between accounts. 

2. Enter the first game account, which is synced with the desired Facebook profile, and link it to another free service (Game Center/Google Play). Note: if you already have a Vikings account linked to Game Center/Google Play, you will lose the progress. 

3. Enter the second account and sync it with the Facebook profile to which your first account was previously linked. 

As a result, you will change your account sync and save both games. You can change an account linked to Game Center/Google Play in the same way. 

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