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An update in the North! Prepare for a new military Competition!

Here's a gift to celebrate the game's birthday!
Vikings: War of Clans is turning six years old
League assignment in Competitions

An update in the North! Prepare for a new military Competition!

Vikings, we're delighted to present this huge update!


• A new epic Competition – Holmgang!
Fierce battles for special Fortresses – Forts – will soon be getting underway between Clans on the Islands of Trials. Glory, honor, and cool rewards await the winners!

You can read a detailed guide about the new Competition

Upgrades in Helheim

- One free material with every refresh of the Helheim Store's assortment

- A boss caption when Creatures of Gloom appear

- A list of the rewards for passing a floor in the floor window and in the node information window

- Node passing progress on the mini-map and chamber screens

- Clearer and more vivid animations for particularly valuable trophies

- Warrior of Gloom names

Added at players' requests:

- If auto battle mode is switched on, all subsequent battles in the node will be in auto battle mode until you turn it off or finish exploring the node

- Special icons that show the result of the previous hit for every zone

- When an enemy performs several hits in one turn, the health bar displays the damage from each hit

- Animations for the Helheim Gates and Catacombs

- Critical hits are now emphasized visually

- A countdown timer that shows node passing progress and a push notification when exploration of a node has been completed in auto mode

- A button for quickly returning to a node on the Helheim map if you left the node with saved progress

- The Champion's health bar now changes color if it drops below 50%

- Colored text highlights for actions in the battle history

- An issue that caused the Hero and Hero's Double markers to be incorrectly displayed in the Invader information window
- An issue that caused Modgud's Priestess to be incorrectly displayed in the battle window in Helheim
- An issue that caused the time of chat messages or personal messages to be incorrectly displayed for some countries in the web version of the game
- An issue that caused equipment in the Forge to be incorrectly displayed when trying to craft special equipment or Shaman's equipment in the web version of the game

During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete you will receive a reward.

If you have any issues displaying certain game functions, please update Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version. 

Jarls, new adventures and epic battles await you! Discuss the update in the comments. 


Jan 14, 2021, 11:4501/14/21
Jan 27, 2021, 15:2201/27/21

CvC + Hgang

next Fury +Jot ?

Jan 27, 2021, 21:0201/27/21

Nice work :))

Ruined Clan vs Clan and NEW Branded Event 

New Event : who can play when Blue Circle 

Jan 31, 2021, 06:3401/31/21

Hello, to all members of this forum and plarium administration staff. I am Viking player who plays the role of Jarl Lord Raiden in Vikings: War of Clans. I am growing as an expert player and I am becoming a major threat to higher level players, due to the fact I will not surrender to higher level players dominating this game, until I reach their level. You need to create levels up to over a 100th level llike all your other plarium games. And I must report the fact due to your inability to make this game competitive for lower level players, thousands of lower level players have either quit or been driven out of the game easily by higher level players.

Feb 4, 2021, 01:1802/04/21

no podemos participar todavia porque no se cumplen los requisitos

Jun 1, 2021, 13:1906/01/21

My Champ is a level 38 in floor nine 9 with 2 stars in the last node and i still can't get Boewulf's Headband. Why? I keeping bruning resloves and keep getting killed to try and upgrade. I see where it should have been available at Level 35. Whats going here? 

Jun 1, 2021, 15:3706/01/21
Jun 1, 2021, 16:00(edited)

You ought to have posted this in another section.

 Your champions level may be unimportant, a higher level may not be of benefit to what you seek, it's even possible it's a hindrance.

Just because it says you can discover the headand doesnt mean that you will.

You probably do not need it to complete the floor. 

Of course upgrading is important, but doesnt always come fastest by battling the strongest.