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The reward in Gold Fields

The reward in Gold Fields

By yielding Gold in the new Gold Fields of levels 4, 5, and 6, you can obtain either a Legendary or an Epic gem. The higher the level of the location and the greater the quantity of Gold collected, the higher the chance of getting a gem. If you collect all the Gold from a location, you are guaranteed to receive an Epic or Legendary gem.

After the next Kingdoms Battle, the new Gold of the Gods locations will appear. You will be guaranteed to receive a Legendary gem if you collect all the Gold in any of these locations.

If you acquired any Epic gems in Gold Fields after we posted the previous news, you will automatically receive the same gems of Legendary class in your account as compensation.

And one more important update!

We have changed the balance of rewards received by the Clan Chief for winning the Clans Battle! The number of points required to receive the reward has been reduced and the rewards have been increased. We have already posted all the information in the updated article in Game Database:


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Oct 28, 2021, 14:4310/28/21

So will the last CVC win get the new rss ?