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Advanced Fury Battle Guide

Advanced Fury Battle Guide

Mar 27, 2019, 19:4903/27/19

Advanced Fury Battle Guide

The kingdom fury event was definitely worth everyone's time and effort. We won it and are enjoying the rewards now.


We are a 850b clan so not too large, frontrunners in our kd and we scored 1.5 trill of total 2 trill that was won by our kd. This strategy works best for a medium sized fighting oriented clan who holds their Pop and all players are really active and all play as one, if you can't raise a lot of strong troops for OS in a short amount of time for OS, pop or trap then this won't rly work for you because the fury event is all about timing. 


First and foremost make sure you shield your pop exactly upon event start this is key and 2 clans we fought against didn't do this properly. With pop out of the way for the next 24h you will be able to focus on the tasks of the fury event with battle reputes on hand.

Look at which fury bonus is currently active, if its yield have your farmers do their job, if it's invader/ghost same. When the killing bonus comes it is smart to set an OS trap in the kingdom where the bonus is and keep it open for the duration of kill bonus, if you are up agaisnt larger clans they will go for it even solo hits we got a bunch of points from this. 

When the towers appear in enemy kingdoms don't hit alone and let everyone know no solo hitting the towers cos its not worth it. I suggest having everyone look for lvl 1 towers (simply use random ports and check watchtower after each port, if a bunch of people do it you will find the towers in no time). OS lvl 1 towers only cos for this clan size lvl 2 towers are not worth the loss to points gained ratio. Remind everyone to use pop/fortress gear and raine (this is a new event and even the best can forget to change gear). Be careful not to hit reinforced towers if know enemy is strong cos neutral troops are pretty strong added reinforcements its super hard to break, it's easy to spot those with simple test hits and looking at the report it will tell you if it's reinforced.

When towers show up in your kingdom look for the lvl 1 tower again cos that one is most likely to get hit by all enemy players big or small and have your whole clan reinforce it, preferably if you have a strong scout account to prevent enemy from scouting it will give you far more hits as people tend to go in blind but once they scout and see what's in they usually give up.

That's for the first day, second day when all pop shields go down and when all clans are without reputes it is time to reinforce pop just make sure you aren't doing it while towers are in your kingdom and make an OS for it so most people get inside together, last thing you want is getting sniped as you go in separately cos a lot of eyes will be on you. Ideally you would do this during the killing bonus so plan ahead. 

Things to look out for:

Bonuses and the order in which they appear, they are always cycling and a kingdom can't get a bonus twice nor can the same bonus appear two times in 12 hours. You can look at the fury event as 4 phases each one of 12 hours so take note of which bonus was in which kingdom and anticipate which one will be the next and where, it goes a long way to be able to predict this in order to make your pop or trap strategy and organise your people in advance. Remember after first 12h when the bonuses start cycling again they won't go in the same order as they did previously so you gotta keep watch again but if you took notes which kingdom got which bonus previously in last 12h you will know with 100% certainty where the next bonus will appear.

Also look for your enemies and what they are doing, while your trap is open always watch all 3 pops for reputes assigned so you see the OS coming and activate best boosts before it lands, and their pop movements, don't let them shield pop if you got reputes. We had ours trying to defend theirs without reputes many times we broke them all each time they tried. 

If you have a strong team and do things described above you really should not have any problems or at least your guys won't run around in cricles. 


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