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Guide for Smaller players and clans  during KvK:Fury

Guide for Smaller players and clans during KvK:Fury

Mar 27, 2019, 17:0903/27/19

Guide for Smaller players and clans during KvK:Fury

my clan is small, so I'm gonna describe our strategy as a small clan.

team work is very important. knowing your weaknees and strengths. of course hitting towers of fury is a waste of troops for smaller clans, so the way for us is sending coordinates to the biggest clan from our kingdom. The easy way for getting points killing troops is tile hitting (just players you can beat) and using guard payoffs, make sure to use your hero on military mode and use the right shaman (use a gear for these if you have one) (PLARIUM PLEASE BALANCE SHAMAN'S GEAR FOR KILLERS, CALVARY AND RANGE TROOPS).

Pay attention on the Bonus location and be smart with that. For instance (we did this the last KvK:fury) when de bonus for hitting invaders ends in a kingdom 'B' and another one starts in kingdom 'A', it's probably that most players will relocate to kingdom 'A', so go or stay (if you were there) in kingdom 'B' and yield free ubers (there will be several of them), of course yield with a few Tier 1 troops so their easy to replace if you get hit and activate bonus for yielding.

oh, and as a kingdom 6 hours before starting the event noone attack the pop so once the event starts the pop is shielded and give the kingdom some adventage.

It's important for pointing know the rules and the action to do it.

So, that's all. thanks