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How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

Mar 26, 2019, 01:1203/26/19

How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

Tower of fury is main part to score points in this events,and to do that you need to do big os, so its better if all big players merge with single clan to do big os.

Secondly work according to bonus even like

a) Kill enemy troops x 2= Don't farm during this even and try to kill as many enemy troops as you can

b) Yield resources x 2: try to use domain guard during this event for safe farming and good points. Try to hit few ubers and use domain guard on that uber tiles to cover more points.

If this event occur in your on kingdom, in that condition try to stop other players from farming by attacking them on tiles.

c) Kill Invaders/ Ghosts x 2: Try to cover points by killing as many invaders/Ghosts you can kill

d) Towers of Fury : try to do big os on tower of fury to get points and bonuses.

if this event occur in your kingdom then try to send reinforcement into tower of fury to defend it from attack and score points.