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Level 5 sieges are brutal

Level 5 sieges are brutal

Dec 11, 2021, 17:3212/11/21

Level 5 sieges are brutal

I'm not seeing this topic anywhere so I'm posting it here. 

We were rocking level 4 sieges with the greatest of ease, killing all the marches and barely losing any troops ourselves. We decided it was time to bump it up to level 5, which turned out to be a huge mistake. We assumed the new purple marches would be even bigger and stronger than the blue marches, but what we did not expect was how insanely strong all of the marches would become. Even the black, white, green, and blue marches kill about 10 times the troops of ours that they used to. 

Not only were the new purple marches too big for us to handle, but the blue marches became too much for us to handle as well. Where we once killed each blue march and only lost maybe 20 million troops, blue marches began killing all of our troops and we only killed about 100M of them. We've done 3 level 5 seiges now, each time getting a little stronger, and of those 3 we killed no blue marches on the first siege, one blue march on the 2nd siege, and 2 blue marches on the 3rd. 

For clarity, the black, white, green, and blue marches have not become bigger to earn more soul shards, just stronger troops so they kill a lot more of our troops. 

Is this some kind of mistake having made level 5 siege troops way too strong? Or was that on purpose? There was little to no difference in troop strength from level 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, each march stayed about the same strength but a new bigger one was just added. Why now, going to level 5 siege, are all of the marches all the sudden so much stronger than they once were. Kind of screwed us there Plarium, that sucked. 

There was no warning about this. It just said a new bigger march would be added, it did not warn that all of the marches would become stronger. 

We even invited all of our kingdoms strongest fighters under one roof to try to see if the kingdoms strongest could handle the blue marches, and they could not. Why Plarium, why? 

Dec 11, 2021, 17:5612/11/21

There actually is this topic already, with much the same complaint, and I believe an official response.

I doubt it very much that it occurred by accident, there has been so much of late that is designed to necessitate the need for more time and money spent in order to get anywhere of a decent level and comparable reward.

Dec 11, 2021, 18:0012/11/21

What forum? I didn't see it. 

Dec 11, 2021, 18:2112/11/21
Dec 11, 2021, 19:29(edited)

I had decided  to look for it myself,  and post the link,but  with no luck so far.

I think it must be a tag on to another post, rather than a separate topic, like most posts these days there was not many written responses.

Page 2

my clan increased our tower to 5 in the SH   we easily took all marches
in tower 4 with minimal losses    this was an epic mistake and grand
faliare on my part  went from scoring  45 -60 Trillion in cvc to less
than 20 T   sent request to turn back the build  no response yet at
least they should put a demolish tab in there for the clans like mine
that made a mistake.  we spend about 3k as a clan per month  hope
plarium heeds my request

unless your clan is all lvl 40 with all maxed knowledge   dont go to tower 5  or you will be  sorry 


there should of been more clarity as to the difficulty of such a move  since there was nothing to compare it to. 

Also I think there is  a little more somewhere else.

I just found the other posts.

I see you found it too, as yours' is the latest post. 


Dec 11, 2021, 19:2212/11/21

I did find another one, but it wasn't so obviously titled, so it fooled me in my first search. Thanks. 

Dec 11, 2021, 19:2812/11/21

 As I have found previously,searching the forum using the search engine can be a nightmare. 

Level 5 siege , nor troops, nor siege worked, then I remembered, found it, but too late.

Dec 12, 2021, 20:2012/12/21

Nothing was said about the strength of the various level 5 SH Jotunn marches, neither that some would stay at the same strength nor that all would be at a greater strength.  You decided to go ahead based on your unfounded assumption and the assumption has proved wrong.

You complain that someone else should have looked after you.  Well if you are under five no doubt that would be true.  But babies don't play Vikings so I guess you get to suck it up.

That things get tougher as you advance is a feature of the game.  One of its few skills is the exercise of judgment as to when to advance, whether to a higher Palace, higher League or to a more developed SH.  For the future you might watch the changes that occur when the game is expanded.  Nearly all such expansions aim to give targets and opportunities to the high spending shoppers.  Looking for any kind of balance is a mistake.  So Uber Chiefs are introduced - they cost much more energy for smaller reward but they allow shoppers to accumulate items quickly; the limit for transformations is increased - the higher numbers come at a much higher cost in rss but the shoppers are not held up;  improvements to equipment is implemented but at the cost of heroic quantities of materials; etc.

You might try abandoning unfounded assumptions altogether but if you are determined to stick with them, in Vikings build in an assumption that anything new is going to prove costly.

Mar 7, 2024, 03:4503/07/24

if I upgrade all my soldiers and have a lot of them, am I responsible for our kingdom having stronger opponents?  I was told not to train any more soldiers by a much larger clan. If we don't train then we lose rewards. Am I responsible for the stronger clans we have to fight now because I have hundreds of thousands of soldiers from tier1-T7? I have upgraded all soldiers and the knowledge for all I have all but completed. My members are upset that they can't train and upgrade soldiers because they were told to go play a farm game on facebook. smh. Again, are we responsible, especially me because I have the highest and most soldiers and knowledge, for the other's in the kingdom  to fight higher more powerful opponents?

Mar 12, 2024, 02:0603/12/24

If you only have hundreds of thousands of troops then the person who told you to stop training is overeating,however if you have billions and billions of T7 troops that you are not using they are correct,in most instances,unless you are in a super large fighting clan, having too many troops that you won't use is a bad idea as it is useless influence that can pair you up against clans that only keep what troops they need and therefore will be much stronger than your clan,yes it also will affect kvk and fury,so  imo you are best to only keep the troops you will need and find another way to win cvc without relying on the training category,best of luck

Mar 12, 2024, 18:1103/12/24

Without more information there can only be speculation or generalization.

Even if were in your clan, or kingdom, it would be difficult to be sure of pertinent facts without being a fly on everyones wall.

That being said, there is wisdom in playing smart, rather than playing fast, and in you not being the clan linch pin.

You and your clan might benefit from being in a lower league,or by only doing enough to get by, rather than going 'all in'

This strategy might get the big clan off your back, and then they would have to find another reason for the kingdom not winning events.

Lastly I would suggest rather than doing what others tell you to do,or how to play the game, I recommend that you play as you see fit, until you know better or decide otherwise.

As dog wrote, the big clan may be over reacting, perhaps even wrong,jealous,or the problem themselves, if, as often is the case,they have too many heavy influence clones doing very little.