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The Moment to Change  things PLARIUM

The Moment to Change things PLARIUM

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Update in the North! In the name of awesome battles!
Jan 17, 2021, 20:4701/17/21

The Moment to Change things PLARIUM

Good evening Plarium or who ever this will read,

As simple as it is Plarium, now its time to solve something with us Players, its your turnnow...its maybe to late for alot of us, but indeed  we are still here.

The last couple of months we are running updates over updates, events over events. Well, we like to play them, if we are able to play them. but we arent able...what the past fury happend, shouldnt be happend ever... A wasted event, trillions of wasted troops, millions of wasted boosters.... yeah i know you give us a unique reward like a small 10€ pack...well, less then a 10 € pack...

But Plarium what is going on in your minds to realse such an update 1 day before a fury event and then this will happen. dont come along with we dosent know this will happen... You could have Beta test servers and test it before doing such a thing.... 

Towers dosent show up 3 hours, marches stuck in towers and and and and and... WHAT the hell is going on guys. We paying for 3250 march boosters money and everything we got told is dont activate them if you dont see towers. get the fucking game running, do your job on that thats what we also pay for or isnt it the truth.

We are Tired of execuses, we are tired of 1000 bla from this as execuse, we are investing tausends of € ( well or  any other money what ever a players country is ).

The average of a 18 T clan in a fury by used troops by each player is between 500 and 700 MILLION t7 troops. Take the rzz costs and booster costs and then look of what you guys gave us for nothing ...

Week by week we are spening hours over hours, cash over cash in that game we love, so make it that we still love it again.

The Rewards during events are finaly a joke compare to what we are spending in an event, Grow them up as fast as you can, i dont say we whant to play whole game by free, but make it interessting for us more interessting. Raise tile rzz for smaller players to grow faster.

Bring back fury like in the first days. more tiles more ppl will be able to do there events.. more events will be done more troops will be killed , more packs will be bought. it is that easy to make us all happy, but atm you guys putting us in a corner with 2 spots... take it or leave.... I BET option 2 isnt what you finaly whant.

Im playing close to 5 years now and ill be here the next 5 if you guys let us feel your support on the community.

Most of us are talking to MAGNUS and he is doing a great job by trying al his best, but he isnt the person who can change those thins... its US as community and you as Company.

Well, im sorry my englisch isnt the best, my main Languange is german but just that you know it, we will bring up this thread in all chats we know, all communitys from vikings and where ever we are able to do.

Greetings Leomas from FARGU

Jan 17, 2021, 21:0801/17/21

Yes  !!  All  True  !!!

Jan 17, 2021, 21:1801/17/21

I  agree  with Leomas  👍

Jan 17, 2021, 21:2401/17/21

yes  this  furu  was  the  worst  ever

tower  dont  show  up.  Os  get  stuck.  Kick  out  of  game  ,  cant  joiin  os  cause  sahi  up  in  war  room  full  directly.  All  sas  a  mess  and  tje  answer  of  the  vip  top  viking  was  a  joke  this  weekend.  Taking  us  for  noob  event  wrote    System  cant  handle  sonmany  data  request  .  Like  if  i  drive  a  sportive  car  tjar  stop  and  car  maker  say  if  i  push  to  much  on  the  has  it  request roo many  HP  motor  cant  handle  it  so  car  stop  ...  you  promised us  ti  fix  bug  before update but  you  keep  up  the  game  and  moth fix

You  first  answer  is  always chefk  on  our  side  but  we  talk  to  each  other

you  tell  is  always to  wair cause  it  take  time  aftwr  more  then  a  year  there  is  only  2  optiona

your  team  is  not  capable 

or  you  dont  want  to  jnvest  im  the  game  you  totally  dont  care  about  your  customer?

we  see  every week  good  player  close  virtual  friemds  that  give  up  and  leave  tje  fame 

we  ask  you  to  take  appropriate mesure  quick...

sorry   if  mistyping  english  is  not  my  mother  languages 

hope  You  will  listen  to  us  it  iis  time  to  react  now...

Titi  (tweety)  from  croisade  

Jan 17, 2021, 21:3801/17/21

Very muchVery well writtenVery wellVery good Very well written. SgVery gSVery well wriVery well written. ttenehS

Jan 17, 2021, 21:4001/17/21

 agree with everything, that's being said. 

It does feel like you don't care about us your customers at all. Your customer service is awful. 

And you think that (already pointed out) a £10 pack will make it all better. Even thou the boosts wasted the aesirs wasted everything wasted is worth way more than that. 

Jan 17, 2021, 21:4301/17/21

The  last  fury  was  a  joke  

I  haven't  seen any towers  and when I  saw  them  they  were  already  on  Fire . my  os  was  stuck in  a  Ghost  tower  👍  according to  Magnus ,  we  don't  even  get  compensation  for  something  like  that  ?  Then  i  won't  spend  any  more  money  on  the  game  

/  Frank  \  from  NoHonor  

Jan 17, 2021, 21:5701/17/21

The last furry was not playable for many and as Leo said something has to change. Otherwise, more and more players will give up the game because they no longer enjoy it, but the problems only annoy one. 

Pavchr  from  Tell  

Jan 17, 2021, 22:0701/17/21

I agree. Wasted several 3250 march boosts . Lvl 1 showed up for me and everyone is on lvl 5 towers. 

Getting tired of the same response to clear cache etc... It is not our connection if it happens to everyone. Tens of thousands of dollars spent over few years and the  game is not as enjoyable as it was. 

Jan 17, 2021, 22:0701/17/21

So to start good evening or hello as you want 😜

Just to explain to you this huge disappointment on this fury:

We saw the towers once in 10 and again we didn't even see them 😂

The bugs were multiple, lots of blue circles and don't say it's the connection because many of us in this games have had bugs so if everyone's connection is shitty there may just be a problem on your servers

The fury is getting more and more horrible to play, I don't speak only for myself but for all my clans too

The repeated bugs during this competition are getting worse and worse and it's starting to inflame everyone if this continues a boycott of this event will be done by many people me first

So please ask yourself the right questions someday because it's good to create new things but first improve the things that are wrong and then think about things to invent to spend more money thanks for your attention

Casoard Alex Kd 465

Jan 17, 2021, 22:1801/17/21

Despite several messages about the game and responses made by a robot, no serious support from you, you despise your players (customers), you do not even want to solve the problems so compensate us precisely do not even talk about it 

I'm tired of getting angry instead of having fun despite the amount of Euros I spend on your game, so it's over for me, I won't give you a single euro anymore and I hope all players do the same, when your pockets are empty you may realize that you killed the goose that laid the golden egg. bye 


Jan 17, 2021, 22:3501/17/21

Ticket after ticket. Hopeing for our understanding just doesn't cut it Sort it out please 

A movement is starting here cant you see it. Or maybe you dont want too. If so thats sad and the end is nigh. 


Jan 17, 2021, 22:3801/17/21


Since helheim was added the mini map isn't loading properly in every fury.

My clan is mixed up, from an American to Russian, Turkish, Italian, german..... Players and only a handfull can see towers on the mini map and has to post cords in chat so we r able to open OS.

While Support blame our internet connections or our hardware *gg* 👍🏿


OS or marches being stuck or taking several seconds or even minutes to load the result. Or we have to hit the towers a 2nd time to get our marches out. 

Same issue with out reinforcements numbers in SH, we can't reload our SH properly cause the numbers are bugged.

Since months 


This fury only 2 of 4 tower rounds we had all 12 tower levels. 

1st round they stopped after level 10.

2nd round at home after level 8 *gg*


Last jot was already unplayable for us.

We couldn't see our own towns or enemy towns at all.

Even the throne dissappeared several times.


Event rewards are a joke.


The compensation u gave us for missing towers is a joke aswell.


The way the Support team treat us players is the biggest joke..

Automated answers or copy paste nonsense. 

IMHO magnus and the rest of the support team thinks we players are just stupid trash. Atleast they treat us like we r all stupid and worthless to em.

And not their PAYING Customers ✌️


No_Cs        No Comments

KD 162 

Jan 17, 2021, 22:5701/17/21

Been sending tickets for months we are lucky if 3 people from 60 can see any towers. We lost good people hoping to have better luck in other kingdoms. Time you got this problem fixed and stopped blaming us or at the very least give us back our wasted boosts. You see enough to say nope you used 8hr shield not 24 so look at the boosts applied and give them back...........people are waking up 👊

Jan 17, 2021, 23:2601/17/21

Adding  a  new  event,  again,  on  one  out  of  two  peace  days,  instead  of  getting  established  events  stable  in  running  is  crazy.  People  dont  see  towers  on  their  minimap,  or  still  see  lvl1  towers,  while  lvl3  are  already  being  out,  but  instead  of  working  on  lags,  bugs and  blue  circles,  we  are  getting  more  updates.  Shining  beowulf  gear,  and  new  events.  With  more  and  worse  lags.  Please,  plarium,  change things.  

Jan 17, 2021, 23:3301/17/21

Last  2  fury  was  terribl!  no  one  didn't was  abble to  see  towers!!  fargu  we  support you  guys!!  Skanderbeg-  XPART

Jan 17, 2021, 23:4701/17/21

Suggestion kingdom,

we  boycott the  game,  you  all  decide time  date.  Chiefs of  all  clans  talk  with each  other.

I  am  more  than  willing to  temporarily stop  buying packs.

Make  them  listen to  us!!!!

Take  away their  profit margin!!!

After  all  this  is  not  a  voilaton  of  their  rules,  but  a  right  as  we  are  paying  customers.

Jan 17, 2021, 23:4901/17/21

Money  Money and  more  Money thats  all  they  think  about,  this  game  for  new  players  is  already dead  before  you  start.  Plarium must  be  sitting on  Trillions and  give  nothing back  to  the  players.  The  packs  are  crap,  make  the  game  more  interesting for  us  all.  

Jan 17, 2021, 23:5401/17/21

Appriciate All of Your Support , lets get that bigger, the more Comments we get the moe they will see us and take action then. Everyone is needed

Jan 18, 2021, 00:0001/18/21

Good evening.  

where to start ...

I'm not expecting anything from you, I don't know if you'll read this message plarium.  then as they say at home, 

« it is not with a donkey that you make a racehorse » this is a definition that suits you so well

thank you for this wonderful fury.  where the towers look more like  ghost than anything else.  or I couldn't join an assault because there are remaining place is 32million.

since helheim, nice good game. even if again no logic.  only game where you lose more life against the little monsters than against the boss. 

but the problem is since helheim the blue circles the ghost towns no never was so present ... yes it's true it's not your fault

we can also talk about the rewards at the event.  ridiculous reward compared to the investment and especially the money you are given

What's the point of updating . if you are not able to fix the recurring problems of the game ...

I often read that we French have ego, but when is it from you. 

 When you reject your responsibilities?  a yes it's true i forgot your favorite answer it's not your fault ..

just like this message send during fury or you recognize there is a problem, but it is us who must buy the pack

can give you the definition of the word game: Physical or mental activity whose main goal is the pleasure it provides.  

where's the fun when we all know we're just cash cows to you ....

I will talk to you about respect too.  the respect you should have for us player 

but like the word game you don't know the RESPECT

I would end with one last thing.  for once tell the true for players and change the rules of the game ... 

rules number 1 we are plarium and we like to take the players for idiots.  

rule 2 it's never our fault.  

rule 3 read the  two first rules idiots

No need more rules 

sorry for my english it's not my native language

Rollino kd 648

Jan 18, 2021, 00:0401/18/21

Agree and plariums response to lack of towers in mini map and lag issues is its my device or my internet connection this is a poor excuess on their part if this was the case i would have this issue all the time but why is it this only happens during these big global events ie jot and fury mainly cvc kvk not so much seems the problem to me more on their end with their servers i hope with this new compition they started it wont be as bad as jot and fury but again i see nothing so far to improve game play