i have a few suggestions...

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25 July, 2019, 12:25 AM UTC

First: a market where jarls can trade any item but only during and in jot but must defeat the troops protecting the market to trade the items.

Second: new vip levels up to 35. 

Third: A kingdom alliance event that forces all kingdoms clans to merge once every month for an all out battle for 1trillion rss that divides evenly to each winnig kingdoms clans stongholds.
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25 July, 2019, 2:57 AM UTC

Sorry , but I think not.

1. Not everyone can, or wants to go to Jot, the idea is similar to defeating the towers of fury, and we know how how difficult that is,it also sounds like another scheme for the trading of goods for the benefit of the big guys, and those too lazy, possibly the same people, to go the slow route to getting the stuff they want.

2.The VIP levels up to 30 are expensive enough, though no doubt this is quite feasibly already thought out.

3.This sounds like KvK and R, and its hard enough already to get  kingdom co-operation and the taking part from everyone.

Not everyone has a stronghold


They all seem to favour the strong, and the fact that you are advocating  for them, would suggest that you would benefit personally, rather than  it being something that would benefit everyone.

Getting more stuff to make you stronger is a failing argument, as everybody else can get more stuff too, so you are no better off,if you could get it faster, from either the schemes as suggested, or real cash, then you might have an arument in favour, but  with a  short space of time benefit.

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