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What makes a game worth playing?

What makes a game worth playing?

Feb 13, 2023, 12:0302/13/23

What makes a game worth playing?

Since we are all different, I can't answer for anybody but myself. Read on, and you can either agree or disagree.

1. Rewards vs effort. I think the goals for the different competitions are way too high. It's not fun killing 700 lvl 6 ghosts to get the last checkpoint in the ghosts competition. That is just boring and tedious. Add more achievements for the getting into the top 10 positions doesn't make it less tedious. How many hours do you need to invest to kill that many ghosts? It's the same with most of the other competitions, the amount of "work" required to get to the last checkpoint is most of the time quite unreal.

2, Balance. The second point I want to point out is that with the addition of Asgards and Seasonal stores, the game has gotten very unbalanced. You can roughly divide into 2 groups, the have's and the have nots. The ones that has managed to get their hands of most of the town skins and stuff, and the ones that either didn't see this coming or are new to the game. The bonuses this adds to already strong players are insane. You don't attract new players when after a month of playing you suddenly get wiped by a level 40 player who kills all your troops hardly loosing any troops in the process.

A few quick suggestions to how you can improve:

* Remove the bonuses to troop strength from the POP. Or remove the POP altogether. If you end up not removing it, maybe remove or at least reduce the duration of the POP shielding. 3 hours would be enough

* Add influence from town skins. A fully upgraded town skin from seasonal store could give 599B influence, a fully upgraded town skin from asgard store could give 1T influence.

* Add influence to achievement-levels.

* Separate instances of JOT and Asgard, based on either influence or aquired town skins. At least 3 but could very well have more.

* Allow players to choose what leage they want to be in (for events like fighting invaders etc, where the influence and town level has no impact on the ability to score points) Lover league, smaller rewards, but at least allow players to decide.

* Make the resource gathering competitions more fun and less tedious. Not everybody likes to spend a fortune in shaman juice to kill supreme ghosts.

And please, fix the game before you add more puzzles or other strange stuff.

Jan 10, 2024, 15:1801/10/24
Jan 10, 2024, 16:09(edited)

Well,, while there are ghosts and invaders available (usually the day after a CVC) it takes around 3.5 minutes to take out 57 ghost (give or take a few seconds between finding them and landing close to large clusters) 

Given that there isn't a bunch of Jarls doing the same thing at the same time, it should take around  43-45 minutes to take out 700 ghosts,, nonstop. So less the 50 minutes with subtle breaks, seeking, and other minimal distractions. Yet, that's on a laptop. I'm not sure how long it takes to complete on the cell phone app. I image a little longer. 

Agreed,, the power of oponents in Asgard and Jot is extremely unsettling. There's a lot of power found in VIP points, which is also extremely expensive to build. In spite of which town skins you choose to splurge, an oponent/s with high VIP, Asgard Armor, and basic town skin and Hero will wipe you out like your a gnat. Asgard and Jot are not for the weak, but that doesn't make them unplayable. They are just places to go to find out you're unmatched, as well as a place to learn how to use your peace treaty and healing most effiecently.

The POP bonuses gives Chiefs reason to encourge their Jarls to attack the POP. A good King will reach out to the Chiefs to ask what they need and good Jarls will ask the King for the reputes they need. - keeping communication open is the key. - promoting a social game and gaining advantages for those Jarls that communicate well. Although, I can agree that there is imbalance to the game, I can also admit there is a method to the madness, which brings a lot of unsuspected challenges. 

Town Skins, the point of Plarium is to justify turning a profit via the ongoing maintenance and upgrades to a game, where games used to cost $39.99 on time fee, even if it was an online multiplayer game. Unreal Tournament comes to mind. Then the trend of streaming games came to the table, pushing an monthy access cost, and then upgrades costs linked to advertising or pay-to-upgrades, yet those usually ranged at a more rational expense of $0.99 to maybe $2-3. Upgrade in Viking exceeds this profit venture by 10 fold and players are driven, addicted, or rich enough they will spend a lot of very very little in return. It's fun game, easy to navigate (for the most part) and will suck your bank account dry if you don't have the scruples and will power to control your budget and spending. It certainly takes the expense of entertainment to whole other level. - yet,, you can still play for free, which takes an enormse amount of time to advance while everyone else is advanceing at an exponential rate, leaving those who don't spend $$$$$ as simple lowly cannon fodder. 

Influence doesn't really represent power. So adding influence to achievements wouldn't really serve much of a purpose other than whatever the influence attribute is designed to, well, influence. Influence is already misleading and causing problems in struggling Kingdoms with big spenders blaming low spender Clans for the imbalance KVKs and Fury Battles. This tension is quite a problem in the game. A marketing strategy, no doubt, but confusing at best. Influence without the items to back it up is a bad thing. 

Seperate instances in Jot and Asgard.. I think I see where you're going with this, but now we're talking about classifying/segragating jarls independently. That might be quite challenging to perfect as things like onslaught could be effected dramatically. - If I'm correct, you're suggesting blocking jarls with strength to participate in events suited for weaker jarls? The concept of keeping things difficult is to get players to invest in the game, but not make it so difficult they still find entertainment in playing. The players are diverse, that goes without saying. Everyone is free to make their own decision, but yet with a influence of the games flow and the proverbial carrot dangling, of which the developers are very much expert. 

Choose what league to be in? No.. then no one of lower level will get a chance to win. One thing that level 40 players have learned quickly is how hard it is to rank in Asgard league. Yet if those players were allowed to jump back to Oden's league,, no one in Oden's league would have a chance to rank at all. - let alone the lower leagues would suffer the same. Winning rewards in the leagues is just one part of the comps. Achievement is another vital part. It's like trying to get past Pioneer VIII all expanded. - the superpowers would take over the game.  

The Supreme Ghosts and Uber Chiefs are ridiculous, however, they do serve a purpose. Materials, boosts, VIP points, and ruins. IF anything should change, it should be the final blow item that a jarl recieves, should be substantial and meaningful (not just one stupid legendary material, that's just weak), something that drives everyone to want to kill an Uber, or Banish a Supreme Ghost (perhaps getting half or more the Shaman or Hero juice back?) - the RSS at 50B is good, but just not enough unless it is a Resource comp. In my Kingdom, it's rare for anyone to go after Chiefs, and Ghosts are rarely if every hit at all. OR,, even better, make it so it takes less the kill Ubers or banish Supreme Ghosts if multiple Jarls team up together to take them out. 

A fresh set of puzzle would make it more intersting. Surely they can invest into a little more creativity with all that money we're giving them, right? Other than that it's a fun game with all it's negatives. I certainly appreciate the distraction. Just wish it was a bit less of a financial sponge.