Level 8 and 9 tiles.Do something to help the weaker players.

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8 July, 2019, 3:07 PM UTC

At the risk of being shot down in flames.(because its a war game and winner takes all)

 I appreciate that the strong clans have probably done most in the fury battle to win one of these tiles.

Weaker  players get little to no benefit from them, in fact they are adversely affected by these tiles being there.

Even if  fortunate to have one of these tiles appear nearby, even next to you,you are lucky to get one shot at it.

The big players teleport  in, and in some cases sit on it till its empty.

Not only that,whilst there, any spare marches are used to gobble up any smaller tiles, invaders and ghosts. ,

Please do not suggest teleporting away,those on a small budget ,or free playing dont have the means, and even if they did, where would they go to avoid this?

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