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25 June, 2019, 12:57 AM UTC

I really enjoy this game, but I am getting fed up of pay walls. 

Not everyone has the money to invest into the game, but they have time and really enjoy helping their clan and kingdom.

My idea is adding content that's fun but benefits your clan at the sametime, with rewards being clan loyaltypoints.

At the moment we are very limited in how we can earn clan loyaltypoints, at best 20-30k per day.

Something that would be very cool is firstly getting rewarded for sending resources to the clans SH, helping to clear the SH of clutter, NPC troops and invaders (with normal troops) such as towers in fury. 

Also having mini games in the main game, have different types of games like wack a mole (removing wild beasts and weeds from SH farms), space invader style game where you protect your SH from NPC troops. (Helping weaker players get soulshards and other items).

The main thing is increasing the fun factor while ingame,  and making clan points more viable without spending real money.

Also adding more items to the clan store would be good starting with all shamans charms. 

People who spend money will still spend money but if poorer or free to play players are given a better chance to compete, it keeps the social aspect for the people who pay into the game, as it would incentvise  people to stay. 

The example I can think of is grand theft auto online, it's a grind to earn money but you can play and play and get rewarded, but you can also buy shark cards. This allows a retention  of a larger player base, which in turn gives people more reason to stay in game.

Thanks if you've read this far, and I'd be interested in other people's ideas, I've also heard of other good ideas such as gifting items, having a trade in store for excess gems, runes and materials. 

Lifting the limit on hero's energy, so you can save enough to attack and finish ubers invaders, or removing the hero/shaman attack timer. (Really isn't any reason other than makin you buy energy, to keep the bonus)

Loads of small changes that could improve the game.

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25 June, 2019, 6:09 AM UTC

Unfortunately we are only likely to get things that benefit us if it benefits them.

Mini games to keep you occupied might be fun , but the games complex enough without adding more programming.

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25 June, 2019, 9:17 AM UTC

It doesn't have to be anything complex, the whole idea is adding simple content that is more fun than click these boxes every 6 hours.

Create a number of mini games that tie into parts of the game as it stands, the assets are already in game. Score boards, reward system, player bases, it's just a matter of coming up with some simple games and programming them into the game.

The benefit to plarium would be adding more incentive to play the game, retaining more players, potentially giving newer players chance to join older kingdoms without having to pay a furtune,  which in turn benefits those kingdoms as they become more social and active.

There will always be people willing to pay money to play, but if the player base shrinks then it becomes less fun to put money into the game and continue playing.

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