Fix disconnections from certain abusing players attacking your city before you can resheild!

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13 May, 2019, 12:59 AM UTC
Twice now I have had an issue where I have been tile hitting during Cvc's and a russian player attacks my city with quick march boost spams, following which I get ported out of the forest and then disconnected before i can re-shield. The 1st time i did not have much rss to be looted, but the 2nd time I got looted for 1B total rss this is unfair. The 2nd time it happened i was attacked by 2 russian players at the same time as i dropped the shield following which i get ported out of the forest and dcd, I logged back in quickly 2 minutes later to 7 of their clan members looting my city with t6 & t7 troops. They obviously planned that out and 1 of them was definitely running a script/glitch/hack to dc players who they attack. The player that 1st attacked me was named AI(_) and he had over 500b rss looted with a 12 week old account and right as he attacked me 1 of his clan mates hit me within 1 second of his attack before i got ported out of the forest. I clear my cache often between attacks and normally re-shield fast, but the time they attacked me i got severe screen lag and could not re-shield in time due to the lag which was obviously unnatural. This same issue happened to a clan mate of mine and I am sure it has happened to many other people screwing them out of lots of rss. I know for a fact that android has a background script/app that you can use to automatically do tasks and kill invaders without you having to touch the phone (bot mode). Please look into this issue since its a major buzzkill and extremely unfair I am not trying to target russians, but its just that I have seen many people complain about disconnection and lag issues when being targeted/attacked by russian players. Also please enforce bans & suspensions for illegal script manipulation better since many people are using them for shortcuts and to gain unfair benefits from this game costing us time and money in an unfair manner, customers that play fair have to go through lots of hardships due to these hacks/glitches and have to work harder to achieve the same results.
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13 May, 2019, 12:33 PM UTC


We understand your concern, but we assure you that there are no hacks for the game. We constantly check for cheats available online and none of them work. 

Notice please, that using third-party applications to play Vikings: War of Clans refers to the violation of the Terms of Use, the access to the game for players using such software will be restricted. 

Also, please, attach the screenshot of your issue with server connection here or you can use sites for creating and posting screenshots and send the link in PM.  

Waiting for your answer and thank you in advance!

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