A Random List of Suggestions for Plarium and Vikings in no particular order.

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19 April, 2019, 10:21 PM UTC

A secondary troop type training queue, to allow more troop type training. 

A detailed battle report, showing how many troops are present in an army when you're booted off a tile.

Shaman Knowledge training time reduction, 4w is a bit much for level 1 shaman tech. 

A few more 1.99 packages from the bank.

Reduce Silver Atler and Gold Fields yield time, since there's so little gold in most of the fields, it seems crazy to sit on a tile for 14 hours to make sure you don't get booted off, w/o domain guards.

Reduce the frequency rate of the recommended quest notifications...thank you I know I need to upgrade my knowledge next level, you don't have to tell me 25 times in 2 minutes.

Some sort of Display resolution scaling options for Facebook games room, and the plarium web client. 

Ability to relocate buildings inside your town, without the need for total destruction (saves on rebuilding)

Ability to reset your Oracle knowledge 

Translator...Kind of a given on intl games IMHO <.,<
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