Game notifications top of screen (PC and Tablet) and Tablet HUD ( heads up display)

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11 April, 2019, 12:53 AM UTC

Hi There.

As good as it is to get in game notifications or popups at the top of the screen, its nothing but a block that stops the game in its trackes till it clears or not as it sometimes doesnt clear automatically by itself without either tapping on it (tablet) or clicking on it (pc) as I play both. there was a time that those messages were not active and the game ran quite nicely , all be it without the messages.

A way to possibly get rid of these notices is show outgoing marches and incoming marches as depicted on bottom right of screen in either red ( outgoing) and green ( incoming) This will also mean that the notices on the top of screen won't be blocking some of the buttons needed to play the game quickly as you have to wait for them to vanish to click options behind the notice message.

On Tablet the heads up or information for ongoing builds actions is faulty - by this I mean if you minimize it , it pops up again if a notice message or any action is completed by the game. The only way to get rid of it is to minimize all information but then you need to turn that on again to get at reports. It should minimize and stay like that until you actually hit the Minimize / Maximize button again - it just has a mind of its own. By this happening all the time ther is no visibility on the actual screen as almost the whole page is blocked out.


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