Fair CvC Events

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28 March, 2019, 1:38 PM UTC

It's Not Fair To Give The Opponent Clan Better Opportunity..

Previously Winning KvKr Don't Through Much Challenge..

But Now A Clan Who Belongs To The No 1 Kingdom In Kingdom Fury Events & The Enemy Clan Belongs To The  Number 2, 3 Or 4 Kingdom In Kingdom Fury Events Don't Get Fair Opportunity In CvC..

Like, We The Champion In Kingdom Fury Get The Opponent Clan In CvC Who Belongs To Number 2 In Kingdom In Kingdom Fury Event.. That's Why They Can Score 4 Times More By Yielding Our Kingdom Get A Lot Of Advantage.. Wherever We Yield The Points Are Same For Us..

If We Yield 50M Food And Earn 500M Points By Yieling Liar 8 In Enemy Kingdom Or Yield 100M Food And Earn 500M Points By Yielding Liar 9 At The Home Kingdom Within 1 Hour.. At The Same Time They Can Yield 100M Food In Our Home Kingdom (Their Enemy Kingdom) And Get 1B Points..

That Means They Get 4 Times Points With Same Effort..

Hope Plarium Will Take Action As Soon As Possible To Give Us Fair Competition..

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12 April, 2019, 9:46 PM UTC
:D:D:D welcome to real life, where there's no such an utopist idea as fairness :D:D:D
you're confusing the sky with stars reflected on the pond surface at night
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