Dead Kingdom Solutions

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15 March, 2019, 1:02 AM UTC
When most of us started playing this game it was in a fun kingdom full of life and with plenty of opportunities. Anyways after months of gameplay most kingdoms will eventually stagnate due to high influence players shielding for years without playing and high influence dead clans clogging up the kingdom making it hard to win kvks. Then we have the new system of drakhars which many players will choose to use in order to get away from dying kingdoms further decimating the life in that kingdom. In the end all thats left is a husk of a kingdom and this is the case for many kingdoms out there... is this fair to the players who dont want to abandon their kingdom? I have heard that there were plans to merge dying kingdoms but that obviously wont work properly due to the inactive players and dead clans in some of these kingdoms. I get that the game wants to capitalize on this issue and use it to earn more money by forcing people to buy drakhars but I still think that the active players should be given a one time chance to move to another kingdom free of charge. Maybe consider including 1 drakhar in the compensation package after a system maintenance for once, which will make things fair for all those people who got scammed into paying to play only to find themselves in a dead kingdom receiving only bordem and regrett from this game.
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15 March, 2019, 8:52 PM UTC

It doesn't help that it there appears to be a new kingdom created every day. If so that means that over 4000 towns are created everyday.

There is an option to kick towns out of your stronghold area. There should be an option for a kingdom to kick out towns that have been inactive for over 53 weeks. They could be sent to Hades. 

The programmers can easily put in a Hades kingdom 10,000 x 10,000 wide, enough for 100,000,000 towns.

The jarls in the kingdom would collect evict tokens and send them to a town. Once there were enough tokens sent to a town and that town had been inactive for 53 weeks the town would be sent to Hades.

Every item that is available in a pack should be availbe to buy for gold or loyalty points in the clan store, even if it is 1000000 gold or 10,000,000 loyalty points or higher.
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