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4 March, 2019, 10:45 PM UTC

Hi all

You also have that one annoying as clan you're in war with within ur kingdom? Like just one clan where your own clan really doesn't get along with? Well, I do. 

We tried several times to come to an agreement but it always failed. So now we do what we can to make them lose. One option for this is to tell their enemy in CvC where their traps lay.*

However, this now is almost impossible because you have to scroll throught 100's of pages with clans in the hope to find them. Or you have to wait and hope enemy clan of them will come to their stronghold or that you will see them attack their tiles. 

THE SOLUTION? Simply adding filters in the "Clans" part under the CvC-event, or even just add a "search" option to it. This way players can check which clan is the enemy of their enemy (or friends). I would even pay 5k gold just to be able to search for the oponant of a clan with the filters "Kingdom" and "Clantag".

It might be just a small improvement or adjustment but it would really improve the quality of life. 

So if anyone of Plarium reads this, can you pitch filters for the "Clans"-segment under CvC-event ?? 


*: We don't let anyone yield within our SH, they want to yield anywhere so they yield alot in our SH. After killing multiple millions of their troops in the past few days they decided they want to kill ours, so they put 1,8m tier 4 troops in our SH yielding spots. With this info the enemy clan of them might be able to destroy the trap and gain ALOT of points in CvC-event. 
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