Be 15 bil inf and STRONG

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16 February, 2019, 5:07 AM UTC

1.Invader learnings all

2.Shamen Learnings Top get 8  bottom at least 9 

3 military defence 15-15-15

4. kill invaders like crazy buy some material if needed  You need Special equipment 12 pieces 

5. Melee is easiest and cheapest  fighter use him

6 . kill wolf till you have 12 epic battle cry

7. do hero learnings melee as high as you can

8. Do offence against in hero section to a 17 all troops

9. invader knowledge your reductions to a 13

10. Citadel do to a tier 5  must do to 10

11. 1-5 learnings  must be done to a 10  all 5  

12. Do not enter tier6 or do anything for them  can do after all this done


 OK that is going to be a lot of work  read my words  ,, offence military  not important yet , your defence is ,  it will be a waste of time to do anything in 6 section Your meelee offence will be around 1000% Once done do offence learnings and start working on melee t6  good luck
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16 February, 2019, 3:06 PM UTC

I am a little confused with this post.

Is it in the correct section?

Even though its written in english, from someone in the USA, it is difficult to follow, maybe its been badly translated by a program.

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