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10 January, 2019, 8:38 AM UTC
can plarium please consider a way for clan members to trade unwanted gems and materials?, this will make more things accessible for people who cannot afford to buy packs ALL of the time just to keep up with there piers. ( hence why a lot of people leave the game )
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10 January, 2019, 2:24 PM UTC

Here we are again with an old chestnut, someone else trying to get trading of gems and materials.

Acquiring these items isnt supposed to be easy. So, no plarium shouldnt do this,nor I think likely to.

They could just as easily make it simple to get everything quickly, or just give everything to players at the start of the game, and then let them just burn towns,(or try to) and bore everyone much sooner, and so save them money and the time for more important things.

There piers , should be written their peers.

There is usually positional, as in here, there, where.

Their is possessive(ownership) as in his, her, our, their.

Pier is a structure generally over water.

Peer is an equal or aristocrat.

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