Kingdom should have same rewards during cvc

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28 November, 2018, 11:15 AM UTC

Our Kingdom won the latest kvk- revenge and the kindom from our clanopponent during this cvc must lost it.

Now during cvc our clanopponent can farm in lvl 7 tiles in our kingdom and we must either farm in our kingdom for half of the points or lvl 6 tiles in the opponents loser kingdom.

I mean, we fought during kvk-r for us and not for the next cvc opponent.

It would be great if you can make sure that only clans fight against each other where the kingdom has got the same rewards.

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28 November, 2018, 1:49 PM UTC

You may not be aware of this,but your point has been raised before,Plarium has not acted on the request, so it would seem that they are unlikely to do so.

The situation you mentioned has only a 25% happening,and when it does there are ways to alleviate it.

You could try spending 1 day in each kingdom and see how it works out.

Do all invader and ghost attacks on the day you spend in the  EK

Instead of moving to the enemy kingdom and getting 10x on slow level 6 tiles,stay at home and get 5x on fast level 7 tiles.

This also has the benefit of stopping them having free range on them.

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2 December, 2018, 1:05 AM UTC

There are a few reasons why the rewards systems for events... All events... are somewhat unjust.

*Regular events*

-The leagues are too inclusive. The ridiculously wide range of influence makes reaching decent ranks an impossible feat for most people, especially in Masters and above.

-You are put in higher leagues too fast. Just because you do semi-okay in an event one week thanks to having a little extra spending cash, doesn't mean you can keep up that kind of pace but you are thrown into the next league anyway. It gets too difficult to even hit checkpoints, let alone actually placing in the rankings list.

-Most events require serious coin to hit more than a couple checkpoints, particularly task completion and invader/ghost hunts. 

___Bottom line here- We need another ten leagues to make these events fair.

*KvK & KvK Revenge*

- Level 7 tiles are sometimes one-sided as previously stated

-PERSONAL checkpoint rewards depend on the outcome of the event. This one is particularly irksome with the added strike of being pushed into a higher league too soon. Anyone who doesn't agree has never had to deal with sabotage in their own kingdom, but you will. It's becoming more and more common as long-time players either get bored with the game and just don't care or enjoy creating loopholes as if normal gameplay is beneath them. People get stuck in crappy kingdoms too, but if they still make the effort-they should get rewarded for it.

-Players without clans or those that have recently switched clans can't gain points in events but they can surely cost your kingdom billions. Every attack, win or lose, drags your kingdom down. 

-Upcoming events are displayed too far in advance. Don't get me wrong, it's great to know what is coming up and it would be pretty sweet to know all the events of the week right away on Sunday evening. However, there are two major drawbacks. First, CvC and KvK opponents are chosen to give as close to an equal match as possible, but a lot can change in the two days leading up to an event after the match is set. Second, new clan members often have to wait a few days before being able to contribute and it's agony for those unlucky players.

WDYWTNTF is correct in stating that this topic has been brought up before. So has everything I just mentioned. Now it's all in one place, though, so there's that. We don't have much choice but to beg for change in cycles as more players join the game and find these issues for themselves. That said, I invite y'all to meet me in the tavern later, where you can muse over and over as you please about whatever overlooked or ignored complaints you have that continue to be a tar frosting on your chocolate cake. :)
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3 December, 2018, 3:22 AM UTC
Spend 1,000 units of your preferred currency each month on this game. This should divert all of your issues shortly. If not, I'd contact support.
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