Potential Stronghold Update?

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8 November, 2018, 5:47 PM UTC

Greetings, Jarls!

Clan's Update for the Ages! Probably. Here is what I think. If you look at the stronghold there are some places that look like areas that could be developed with more buildings. As has happened in our towns, there are buildings like the Shaman addition and the Home of the Aesir and the Valkyrie's Citadel, which have been placed in these spots. Right in between the Arm's Guild and Supreme thing there looks to be a spot for a potential building, and to the right of the Shaman's Residence and the Mintage Yard is a mountain with a spot on top and below. What are they planning for the stronghold? They have done multiple updates on the towns, why not move to clan strongholds? Here is my reasoning:

1. They have added so much content for us to develop our towns with, they will not need to focus on it for a while as we begin to max it all.

2. After adding events like Jotunheim and the special invaders for certain holidays, they don't need to make another event.

3. They haven't updated clans in ages.

What could they add? Here are some suggestions/ideas I have.

1. They just changed the armor and abilities and added shamans for Conquering Fortresses. What better way to kick it off than to make the Clan Stronghold a garrisonable fortress? Think about it. A fortress like the Place of Power which you can store troops in to defend it, and to shield it to protect the resources stored in it.

2. A new troop type exclusive for strongholds. Imagine a training center for t7 troops that every member can train for themselves or to stock the SH. They could take bronze to train and maybe even manuscripts and soul shards! 

3. Imagine if they made a ship yard where you could build Drakkars. THAT would be awesome.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Think they will update the stronghold like this? Would you like to see a stronghold like this? Leave a comment and tell me what you all think. Cheers!

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16 November, 2018, 3:29 AM UTC
That’s a good idea but the aes are expensive as it is a drakar is way expensive I bet one would to transform would take a lot of resources there would have to be a huge upgrade cause that will make other towns that belong to a clan just gets up and leaves.Im kinda for it and kinda not cause there’s other things are clan members need.Like a trading post where clan members trade all there resources from boosts to equipment or materials just saying.
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