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25 October, 2018, 7:21 PM UTC
Good morning, players probably have already suggested this because it seems like an idea that many would think of but I'm new to forums so I'll just say my piece. Why is there no Trader building in the buildings offered? A trader could be a place where anything surplus to your needs can be placed e.g. siege gems when your troop type is not siege, or too many gems of one kind. Of course for plarium to make their money from such a building would require a certain level and resources. For example if you have a legendary gem to trade the higher the percentage plarium  would take when players send/exchange goods; like a shop really where goods or resources can be exchanged. Of course trades can only occur between clan members. In addition because plarium is also about whether it will be profitable for them without making the game less challenging the exchange of goods would only occur if one of the traders had a 'trade boosts'. Trade boosts like the new 'convoy boosts' will have a limited time to make exchanges. The more players you want to trade with the more trade boosts you need, Plarium would love that, more packs for players to buy. Of course the building, like all other buildings, will go through stages of upgrading right up to trading building able to trade legendary material/gems/runes. The trading building will also need to come equipped with the tools to put an item up for trade or to accept an item of trade. The prices for each item can be determined, to a degree, by players. Plarium could make sure that a price range is set for each level. Players can then determine, within this price range, what they want in exchange for their goods and how much an item would cost to 'trade'. Its an idea and just putting it out there to think about. When I first started to play the game there was a button you could click on to 'Send a gift" it was never activated and Plarium said that they were hoping to activate it later. Nearly a year on from when I asked about it and still no action and now the 'send a gift' button has disappeared.  Hmmmm makes me wonder if Plarium really does want ideas and suggestions. Anyway thanks for reading.  
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26 October, 2018, 2:57 AM UTC

Gifting goods has been requested many times. They may have initially thought it was a good idea but then reconsidered it .

Some aspects of your trading scheme are worthy, but trading  within your clan  is where the problem with the gift button reveals its fault.

It would be open to abuse, if you could get materials from big spenders who have things they no longer need,  they could give them ,trade them with clan members and it would eliminate the need for new  players to attack invaders and the need to buy energy packs.

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