War Crimes Tribunal

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1 October, 2018, 7:28 PM UTC

I would like to suggest some kind of War Crime Tribunal. Simply put, without an in game moderator, I think we should have a way to hold people accountable for certain actions. Top of my list...attacking someone from your own kingdom during KvK. 

We would need a button at the top of the battle report screen to submit a report for review. It could cost like 50k in gold or something to submit a report to an admin who could review it and clearly determine that yes, both players reside in the same kingdom, and yes, the timestamp shows that it happened during a kvk battle. 

The cost of committing such a crime? How about a third of the guilty person's influence?

I'm tired of seeing bought and paid for high level bullies attack anyone they want because there is no way to hold them accountable. It hurts the morale of the entire kingdom, especially during battle when we should be united.

I am totally willing to buy gold to teach them a lesson and help my kingdom.
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