Need to Update Resource Trade Convoy Interface

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27 September, 2018, 11:32 PM UTC
I function as a bank for a number of players and having the slide bar to set quantities for each convoy is unwieldy and difficult for any transfer in excess of a single convoy. Is there anyway to develop an alternate interface so that players who trade large numbers can input total amounts to be sent to players and the convoys go out automatically without having to slide the bar for each and every transaction. As an example, when sending 200 Million credits of a resource may take dozens of convoys each having to use the slide bar which often does not move properly and takes a very, very long time to accomplish. An alternate where you enter the amount and the system then informs you that it will require 36 convoys you then authorize and the convoys then go out sequentially. This will improve player experience and enhance the playing of the game as well as the interactions of the clan members. 
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28 September, 2018, 8:46 AM UTC
That would be nice ... or at least a button at each rss to send a max convoy so you just have to hit the button and not slide the slide (the slide can be very sensitive at times and doesn't work well a lot).
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