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21 September, 2018, 4:25 PM UTC

Using the "Search" feature in the forums one get results for all games.

E.g: Search "Citadel" and you get, for now, 48 results where most are for other games then Vikings War of Clans.

If query is from "/forum/en/vikings-war-of-clans/*" I would suggest results are within there as well.

In some circumstances a global search could be of interest and the option to search whole forum could/should be an option.

In that case, and also as a lesser then optimal solution for addressed issue, at least temporarily, could be to add some sort of indicator showing which game the post belongs to.

As of now the result listing show:

  • Title
  • Last edited by TIMESTAMP + AUTHOR
  • Count: Views
  • Count: Replies
A more useful listing would include game (+ perhaps Category).

(Yes, I have noticed you are rolling out an update - cram it in there :))

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22 September, 2018, 11:32 AM UTC
This idea is a good one in my opinion. It should help free up clutter of redundant postings.
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