Home garrison units only!

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14 September, 2018, 12:46 AM UTC

What I miss most from the earlier Plarium games are the home garrion units only.  These were special units that you purchased and only stayed at home to protect it from attack.  I liked the row of cyber dogs that I would pretend to pet daily.   Now all we have is a wall and the choice to leave some units behind.  How about adding wall defenses?  Wall mounted ballistas?  Young warriors too young to go on raids? Northern wolves that you keep at home? Old veteran warriors?  Valkyres that patrol overhead? Storm giants? 

The choice is pretty slim level 1,2,3 units that are pretty much all the same. 

I see a ton of potential here.

I am sure other players have a lot of cool ideas about units they would like to see in game as well.

These would only be used to defend your single town in game and not able to attack.

I noticed that when you die defending a town your units are considered wounded not dead.  They are only counted as dead if you were the one attacking?  Not sure on that?  But that would probably be a separate topic to discuss later on.
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14 September, 2018, 1:37 AM UTC

I was initially confused by the wording "home garrison units only".  but then understood.

Seems both ideas of home troops, and wall defence are already covered. 

Some troops are not deployed and the wall is upgraded.

Not saying they are good ideas or  bad ones.

If they have used them previously, maybe there's a reason they didn't repeat it here.....yet. 

They may want to run with them again.

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